Month: June 2019

Outdoor STEM game “Out of the box”


This game can be carried out as a variation of orienteering competition (map, checkpoints). The tasks are held in checkpoints, which participants must locate first. Once the task is completed the participants receive the coordinates of the new checkpoint. When planning a game, make sure that the teams are sent to different check-points to avoid overcrowding the locations.

1. Cracking the password

Resources needed: a code lock (with 4 numbers) or just a piece of paper for giving answer.

You cannot speak about Internet security without mentioning the topic of strong passwords. But still, a lot of people use weak passwords like “123456”. Nowadays computers are so smart that we can find programmes on the Internet that crack a 9-digit password within a moment.

Our phone SIM cards are protected by a 4-digit password that contains only numbers. This password is often left the same as it was set by mobile operators.

Your mission is to “hack” into the portable safe. Some very important information is hidden inside it. And as we all know, information is one of the most valuable resources nowadays.

2. Paper almighty

Resources needed: A4 paper, a dumbbell, a chair

We all know how easy it is to tear a sheet of paper into pieces, but at the same time, this sheet of paper can be very strong. Your mission is to lift a dumbbell onto the chair using one A4 sheet of paper. But here is a trick. You mustn’t touch or support the dumbbell with your hands.


3. Pythagoras

Resources needed: a rope

Of course you have heard the words “GOLDEN RATIO”. Of course you have seen pictures of Egyptian pyramids. Maybe you have even heard something about Egyptian triangle? Anyway, you have to do the same as the old Egyptians did, they built the pyramids by marking a right angle (an angle of 90°) on the ground by using a rope.  

4. We have in common…

Resources needed: a pencil

Take a walk on our hiking trail and mark all the species (plants and animals) you notice and who can be seen in all four countries.

Names of species in native language

Estonian        Latvian        Polish        Bulgarian     English/Latin
(if you know)       

5. Escape from the lonely island

Resources needed: –

You ́ve got a raft weighing 110 kg. The volume of the raft is 0.89 m3 (cubic meters). Can your team go on a raft safely, or is there a risk of drowning? Prove your answer by calculations.

6. A puzzle

Resources needed: a classical puzzle of letter T

You know that the coordinator of epiSTEMe project is a Polish school. Do you know the name of the Polish teacher who is the project coordinator? We accidentally broke his initials into 4 pieces, please help to recover the letter!

7. Elementary, Watson

Resources needed: a microscope (a digital microscope is better) and some photos (some of them are printed, some of them are chemically developed)

Have you seen the epiSTEMe Lab logo recently? Find that place! Some photos are waiting for you there. One of them is printed, but the others are made in a classical way – chemically developed. Use a microscope to determine which one is printed. Tell me how to recognize a printed photo?  

8. Scales

Resources needed: a piece of wood, a test tube with scales, some water

You can see a piece of wood, left on the bend of the river by a beaver. We want to measure the weight of that piece, but unfortunately, we do not have a suitable tool. We have only water and a test tube – and that’s enough!

9. Paper almighty II

Resources needed: A4 paper, scissors

Estonians have a saying: “If it has to, a camel will go through the eye of a needle”. Unfortunately, we don’t have any camels or needles here today. But we do have scissors and an A4 sheet of paper. Your mission is to cut a hole into this sheet, that is big enough so that your team can fit through it. Here’s the tricky part, you cannot use glue and the edges must be uncut!  

10. To the moon!

Resources needed: a hand pump, a needle for pumping the ball, an empty plastic bottle, bottle corks, a drill, a tube or a shield for safety, some water

Of course, you know the rocket engine operating principle. Use that knowledge and build one! You can try taking a photo of a takeoff as well.

But remember – SAFETY FIRST!

11. Marshmallow’s challenge

Resources needed: marshmallows, spaghetti

You have 20 minutes. Build a tower as high as possible!

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