Dundaga secondary school


Dundaga castle

From 1945 to 1974 Dundaga secondary school was situated in Dundaga castle. The new building was opened in 1974 – at Talsu iela 18. From 1995 pupils of forms 1 to 4 study in another building of Dundaga secondary  school –  at Saules iela 6.

In 2019/2020 there are 310 pupils in Dundaga secondary school. 40 teachers and 15 technical employees work there.

The headmaster is Aiga Strausa.

Dundaga Secondary school – Large school

Dundaga secondary school offers 4 programmes. The following subjects of the comprehensive programme can be chosen:

  • Politics and rights
  • Technical drawing
  • Programming
Dundaga seconary school – Small school

We also offer  extended courses in several subjects like:

  • Applied computer science
  • English.

Dundaga secondary school co-operates with Slitere National Park and tourism

There are several traditions at Dundaga secondary school:

  • 1st September -Knowledge Day
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Christmas party
  • concert on Mother’s Day
  • enrolment of 5th and 10th forms in the
  • secondary school
  • School Banner party
  • Badge party
  • The Last Bell party
  • Get-together party (every 5th year)
  • school erudites’ competition
  • Pop street
  • tourism days
  • Sport activities.

Creative activities

Spare-time activities

  • choir
  • drama ensemble
  • environment education group
  • volleyball
  • dancing groups
  • robotic

Projects and collaboration



GLOBE (Global Learning and observations to Benefit the Environment)

in search of the alphabet….


Address of the school:

Talsu iela 18


LV 3270


Phone: + 371 3232192 – secretary

Fax: + 371 3232194