STEM on the Black Sea – program


Кв.Виница,ул.”Св.Д.Солунски” № 4, 46 99 91, 0895646767

epiSTEMe-European Partnership in STEM Education”

Short-termexchanges of groups of pupils – STEM on the Black Sea



26th30thNovember 2018

in Osnovno uchilishte Panayot Volov, Varna, Bulgaria

Monday, November 26th

  • Welcome to our school – the headmaster`s presentation, students` greetings, meeting the project team.
  • Project workshop: Knowing each other better – partners` presentations.
  • Project workshop: Let`s create together student consolidation  activities.
  • A walk around the school, project corner, eco wall, classrooms.
  • Project activity: Y Maths?- the differentway of teaching mathematics, an open lesson
  • Project activity: “Funny Science”- an interactive educational experience with experiments
  • That`s where I live sightseeing in Varna and the Black Sea coast
  • Art activity:State Opera Varna – ballet „Cinderella“

Tuesday, November27th

  • Project activity: Technology and engineering at the Naval Academy – getting to know professions related to the sea, modern equipment, didactic and training system in the academy.
  • Project activity: Let’s see the marine inhabitants at the Aquarium.
  • Enjoy the view of Varna bay and and Port Varna

Wednesday, November28th

  • Project workshop: „ STEM on the Black Sea“ – an interactive occupation and a different approach to knowledge in the field of STEM in theVarna Free University
  • Press conference
  • Project workshop: „Archeometry – the bridge between archeology and science“ – a practical student lesson in the Educational museum.
  • A walk in the Marine Garden.

Thursday, November29th

  • Project workshop: Interactive occupation “Black Sea Ecology” – learn and practice how to solve ecological problems, measurements of water purity and their interpretation.Flora and fauna of the Black Sea, visiting the Science Labs in the Institute of Oceanology „Prof. Fritzuf Nansen ”
  • Project workshop: The use of STEM in the future : “Martion Rover” – scientific experiments with young astronomers at the Observatory in Varna.

Friday, November 30th

  • Project activity: Can we achieve our dreams? – visiting the complex “Kamchia”, which initiates and materializes innovative projects, provides services in education, culture and sport, training and creative development of children.
  • Visiting the Aerospace Center and the Planetarium
  • Varna Municipality – a meeting with the Director of the Education and Youth Activities Directorate to present the strategic objectives, policies and priorities for the development of the educational and vocational schools.
  • Project workshop: Questionnaires about project, Certificates, Questions…