“STEM surrounded by nature” – youth meeting in Estonia (6 – 11 May 2019)

Another meeting of young people under the epiSTEMe project was organized by a school in the small town of Surju, 26 km from Pärnu. In the rays of the May sun, surrounded by lush nature, rustling forests, fragrant meadows and vast wetlands, a group of students from Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria struggled with tasks combining physical activity in the open air with nature education. Contact with the wild nature of Estonia and a visit to a farm producing food using the old, 19th-century methods was a unique experience. It is difficult to describe the smell and taste of home-made bread with freshly whipped butter with herbs, which we ate in the idyllic setting after the workshops on the farm.

During the microscopy and astronomy classes at the Educational Center in Pärnu we learned about the multidimensionality of the surrounding reality  The integration of young people was favored by numerous competitions in which international teams competed. Races of the programmed by students robots  provided a lot of joy and emotions. The competition was organized in a well-equipped school computer laboratory.

At the end of their stay in this welcoming country, all project participants received certificates. An excellent concert was also organized, which provided us with an extraordinary artistic experience. The icing on the cake was the joint dance of the meeting participants.

The wonderful nature, the beautiful cities of Pärnu and Tallinn as well as the kindness of Surju community will forever remain in our memory.