On March 29, an international online youth conference devoted to environmental issues was held. The aim of the meeting organized as part of the epiSTEMe project was to promote ecological knowledge and shape attitudes of responsibility for the contemporary and future condition of the planet on which we live. During the two-hour conference, students-speakers presented eight issues related to environmental protection in front of the large audience.

Math team
Climate change – Bulgaria
Pollution problems and their impact on our health – Poland

Scientific team
Protection of biodiversity – Latvia
Sea protection – Estonia

Technical team
Overpopulation and waste management – Bulgaria
Energy transformation and renewable energy sources – Poland

Engineering team
Protection of natural water sources – Latvia
Sustainable development of rural areas – Estonia

The event was graced by the speeches of the invited guests – specialists in the field of ecology. Dr. Monika Pyrkosz-Bulska explained how smog arises and how dangerous it is to our health. A guest from the University of Tartu (Estonia), Mr. Ago Tominga gave a short lecture on the use of mobility data in disaster management.

The conference ended with a quiz prepared by a teacher from Latvia, Ms Iveta Milta, to test the knowledge acquired during the conference