Short-term staff training event in Poland

1st epiSTEMe meeting: 15-17 October 2018, Częstochowa, Poland

On October 15-17, 2018, Primary School No. 7 in Częstochowa, the project coordinator, hosted the first meeting as a part of the “exchange of experiences and common teacher education”. The meeting started with a nice touch, because on the first day of the meeting, the invited teachers had the opportunity to attend the celebration  of the National Education Day.

During the visit in Poland, the partners made presentations of their schools, discussed issues related to the project and the  plans for subsequent meetings. Participants, supported by the art teacher from Polish school Ms. Małgorzata Sosna, chose the best design of the project logo. Among works of students from the four countries the Logo of Polish student -Natalia Holi was chosen as the best one. 

Project coordinator – Mr. Tomasz Tyrała shared his experiences and ideas gained during the workshop Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. The purpose of the lecture was to encourage teachers to use active STEM teaching methods and use modern didactic aids, which are going to be the equipment of the organized in partner schools epiSTEMe-Lab rooms. The teachers participated in the training and workshops of team building and integration carried out at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at the Częstochowa University of Technology by Mr. dr. hab. Eng. Przemysław Postawa.

Consultants of the Provincial Methodological Center, Ms. Aleksandra Krawczyk and Ms. Agnieszka Perczak, gave a lecture on  the project method teaching and moderated the international debate on teaching STEM subjects in European schools. The teacher of physics – Mr. Konrad Śpiewak presented the scientific aids made by the students. His classes were designed to inspire teachers to do similar work with students in their schools.

Integration was also supported by the visit to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa at Jasna Góra, as well as a ceremonial dinner. We had the opportunity to exchange experiences and compare education systems in individual countries. We look forward to the next meeting in Bulgaria, which will take place in November with the participation of students.

Meeting agenda

• Meeting with the headmistress of the school.
• Short presentation of the participating schools.
• Meeting with students.
• Teachers day celebration.
• Choosing of the best epiSTEMe project logo.
• “Future Classroom Lab” sharing experiences and ideas
gaining in the workshops in Brussels by the project coordinator.
• Discussion on project issues.
• “Design thinking and team building is the key to success” – lecture and workshops for teachers in the Polytechnic of Częstochowa.
• Visiting of the Jasna Góra – the most famous monument of Częstochowa.
• “International exchange of student groups” – lecture and discussion on varies aspects connected with  traveling young people abroad.
• “STEM education in European schools” – debate with a representative of a school supporting institution.
• Visiting Archaeological Reserve in Częstochowa Museum.